Frequently asked questions


  • We recommend not consuming heavy meals within an hour before your visit.
  • Wear comfortable, non-restrictive underwear.
  • Ensure that the area of skin to be massaged is clean.
  • Tie up your hair.
  • Remove jewelry.

We bring all necessary equipment to you; we just need a minimum of 4m2 to set up the table.

In our interview in the FORM tab, once completed, we capture all contraindications. Therefore, there will be no situation in which a massage is performed when it should not be. 

This may or may not happen. This is a fully normal physiological reaction involving the restoration of tissues manipulated during a massage. It is a sign that the body is intensifying regeneration to improve health, which manifests as soreness. 

Yes, we are available in person at Tiyya Yoga Studio, located at Lwowska 38a street in Wrocław.

Transport within Wrocław is free of charge. Transportation outside of Wrocław will be priced individually depending on the distance.

We respond to all messages within an hour. Please check if:

  • a correct email address was correct when contacting us through the website.
  • the message was sent to the correct phone number when contacting us through SMS.
  • the message was sent to the correct email address when contacting us through email.”

Yes, we offer gift cards in both electronic and physical forms.

Providing at least one suggested appointment time and specifying the type and length of massage will certainly streamline the appointment scheduling process.”

You are on the right track to do yourself a favor. Our massage team consists of experts with whom you can schedule an appointment right now.

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