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We created the Masaje brand with a focus on:

Individuals seeking high-quality massage services. Therefore, we developed both in-house and on-the-go offerings. Each of us, in our professional practice, approaches the needs of each individual, presenting the highest possible standard of services tailored to their unique requirements.

Masaje - Kamil

Kamil Czerwik

Masaje co-founder
Massage therapist, personal trainer and 3rd year physiotherapy student.

Paulina Kruszewska

Kobido specialist and 5th year physiotherapy student.

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Masaje - Goran

Goran Omar ​

Masaje co-founder
Massage therapist and 4th year physiotherapy student.

Ania Nowak

Massage technician and 2nd year cosmetology student.

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Free access throughout Wrocław and surrounding areas!
Pre-massage questionnaire and pre-massage instructions

You are on the right track to do yourself a favor. Our massage team consists of experts with whom you can schedule an appointment right now. 

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